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The creative mindset

Updated: May 9, 2022


Creating for me is part of a spiritual experience that can lead to a level of lethargy. Vivid contents from ideas taking form as a visual discourse on the page. Studio life is my place of exploration, understanding and peace.

“I am in a constant search for perfection.”

As humans when connecting with any visual discourse we seek familiarity to forge connections. We can identify with what we see if we can visually see ourselves reflected back positively it has a direct impact on ones sense of self and what can be achieved. My subjects are black beings that i choose to channel the thoughts, theories and analysis I wish to explore. Imagery is not only visual representations it is a literary device that has significant cognitive and emotional impacts on the viewer. What is the image trying to say? What is it trying to represent? Not all images are literal but all serve as a level of educational value and experience.

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