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Patrice Rose is a Caribbean-British Figurative Artist based in London who primarily works in a monochromatic colour palette. The stylised portraits and figurative works she creates include charcoal, gold foil and natural materials. In her work she explores societal attitudes towards femininity, equality, mental health and the intersectionality for black identities within these stories.


Patrice Rose is a Contemporary Caribbean-British Figurative Artist currently based in London. She was born in England to Caribbean parents and spent her early years in Los Angeles, California before migrating back to the UK for the rest of her formal education.


She studied a Degree in Tailoring at University of the Arts London (London College of Fashion) graduating in 2015 and later went on to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Design at Kingston University, graduating with First Class honours in 2022. Patrice's practise includes charcoal, working with fibre, natural materials and print. Always with a keen interest in portraiture it was during her study at Kingston University where she cultivated her style.

About the Work

Patrice Rose describes herself as an 'Afro-Visual Artist' . She mainly works in a monochromatic palette layering charcoal, graphite and pencil on paper, including strokes of colour through pastel, gold foil or silkscreen printing her works on fibre.


Storytelling is important to the artist's practice taking inspiration from history, classical art, poetry and politics. Her work often explores themes of identity, mental health, gender and the intersectionality for black identities within these stories. She seeks to explore these themes by inviting the viewer to inspect and engage with her layered artworks.






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