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Patrice Rose uses imagery to explore narratives about identity, femininity and the duality of cultural norms. Her multi-disciplinary practise combines delicate hand drawings, natural materials, ink and print. She embraces African and Caribbean figures within her artwork to translate her concepts into a visual form.


Patrice Rose is a Contemporary British Visual Artist currently based in London. She was born in England to Caribbean parents and spent her early years in Los Angeles, California before migrating back to the UK for the rest of her formal education.


She studied a Degree in Tailoring at London College of Fashion graduating in 2015 and later went on to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Design at Kingston University, graduating in 2022. Patrice Rose uses imagery to explore narratives about identity, belonging, femininity and cultural norms. Patrice's practise includes delicate charcoal hand drawings, working with natural materials, ink and print.

About the Work

Patrice Rose describes herself as an 'Afro-Visual Artist'. Her artwork is expressed in various different visual languages, most notably through portraiture by using charcoal, graphite and natural minerals. The artist's background in Tailoring helped inform her pieces by using print, textiles and focusing on the body form within her work .


Inspired by issues of identity, femininity, and politics within society, Patrice seeks to represent these themes through her work. The techniques she uses to create her pieces gives the artwork a delicate and tactile finish that engages the viewer to inspect and to question. “I want to challenge the viewer to look deeper, not only to look deeper to see the delicacy and layers in my work. But into the layers of the disparities that are delicately drawn within our society and visual culture towards certain identities”.

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